Many sportsmen and women will experience a serious injury during their playing days, whether it happens on the field, in the arena or even during a training session. Ranging from broken bones to torn ligaments, such injuries can lead to lengthy layoffs and a long rehabilitation process before getting back into the sport.

Should surgery be required, the rehabilitation process is the most crucial part of your recovery, this period allows you the opportunity to build flexibility and strength back into the affected muscles in order to get them to a state of normality.

During this long and difficult process it is important to follow any instructions given by your surgeons and physiotherapists, as trying to rush back into your chosen sport could risk a recurrence of your injury. Before returning to your chosen sport it is advisable to look into some form of health insurance in preparation for your comeback.

Medical insurance for sportspeople has become increasingly common in recent years. Many who are serious about their sport choose to take out some level of insurance in order to protect themselves and their livelihoods should they sustain an injury during a match or session.

Different policies will cover differing levels of injury, from loss of teeth to sprain, breaks and dislocations. Depending on the cover you choose to take out, you can protect yourself against loss of earnings and medical bills as a result of the injury, and if you plump for a higher level of cover you can also claim with regards to medical fees – including physiotherapy and any other specialist care you may require.

When selecting a policy, research is key to ensuring that you get the right level of cover. Your chosen sport will have a differing level of risk due to increasing levels of physicality – so high-impact sports such as rugby, football and wrestling will usually come with higher premium rates.

You should already be entitled to some form of cover through your membership of the club, but its always worth having some form of insurance of your own in order to ensure that you have a safety net should the worst happen during those all-important matches.

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