This world is full of unfortunate happenings, we can see it on newspaper, hear it from news. There are many people died of road accident, fire, robbery, illness and unexpected disaster. The nations of some countries bought life insurance to provide their family and loved ones with security. As a bread winner you don’t want to see your family to live miserably if you are injured and unable to work, and the medical bills will add more burdens to the family. An idiomatic saying, when poverty comes in from the door love flies out from the window.

How much money can you save?
No one wants unfortunate thing falls on him, but we can’t do anything to avoid it because we do not know when it will come. We can only save some money to prepare for the worst to come. But how much money and how fast can we save?
Sometimes the money we save for five years may not be able to pay for a single medical bill; it is true because many people experienced it.

Don’t take your life as a gamble
Sometimes you just cannot imagine the worth of your life, but if you are a bread winner you have many mouth to feed, if you stop working do your children stop eating? Do they stop schooling and go to work? Some people said I will buy a life insurance policy some time later, and after three years he is still not insured. Don’t take your life as a gamble; just remember if you are not insured your family and loved ones are also not insured.

Insurance pays for your medical bill when you are ill
Nowadays many people suffer from disease, especially heart attack and stroke, if a person contracted such disease he will have to rest and can’t go to work. Imagine if he has to pay for the medical bills without income, how long can his saving last? If a person has kidney problem he needs to pay a lot of money every month to go for treatment, let alone his own expenses. But life insurance companies can help you to overcome such crisis; they have health policy with hospital benefits.

The best gift ever for your family
Life insurance is a life-long present for your family and your loved ones. Imagine if some mishaps happened to you, you became crippled or you died, you still support your family financially. If you purchased a policy ten times of your annual income, that means you can support your family for another ten years, by that time your children have grown and they will thank you for this precious gift.

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