Property insurance, casualty insurance, liability insurance, commercial auto, workers compensation, business interruption, health insurance, life and disability insurance, and other insurance or scripted policies are some of the different types of insurance that you can have for your business.

It is advantageous and helpful to have your business protected through reliable insurance policies. This will help you recover from severe loss in the event unexpected situations happen. Business insurance will also minimize the financial costs if ever our business venture meets unfortunate events. Read on to know the different business insurances that can be appropriate for your business.

Property insurance

This type of insurance focuses more on your belongings and properties to be protected against damage or loss. This will help you recover your lost or damaged belongings. You can also have your properties insured in a specific risk such as fire and other disasters related insurance policies.

Casualty insurance

This type of insurance focuses more on the loss or damage of your business. It will help you recover the loss of your business financially by receiving causality insurance. Casualty insurance is usually applied together with property insurance in insurance packages.

Liability insurance

This type of insurance insures and protects the business in cases the business is sued for negligence.

Commercial auto

Commercial auto policies insure your business vehicles for any damage, either as a result of accident, vandalism, or other damages received. A personal automobile policy will not cover and damage your commercial vehicle may incur.

Workers compensation

Workers compensation will insure the workers’ safety during while they’re at work. It will also insure the workers from the injuries they might encounter at work. Workers compensation may vary depending on every state. However, it is common that this type of insurance requires every employer to pay the worker all the medical finances and damages due to injuries incurred on the job.

Business interruption

This type of insurance insures the business’ loss and damage due to other external interruptions and factors. For example, if your machine is struck by lightning it can be covered by the property and casualty insurance. However if you cannot acquire the insurance more than the time given then a business interruption policy is the one that deals with it.

Health insurance

This insurance offers health coverage for you and your employees. Most companies or businesses have this insurance policy so their workers have adequate medical and health benefits.

Life and disability insurance

Life and disability insurance is an insurance that focuses on the beneficiary of an employee’s death or disability. For example, if the employee is dies or becomes unable to work their beneficiary, usually a spouse or children, will receive the insurance. This insurance type pays when someone carries a life insurance policy and names the another person as a beneficiary.

Other insurance or scripted policies

Scripted Policy insurance is an insurance policy written specifically for any particular risk. It is a policy applied by actors who get want to insure their lips, legs, or other part of the body relied upon for work.

Make sure that you get your business any of these types of insurance to secure your financial welfare in times of trouble.

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