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Inevitably, a prolonged economic crisis that happened, it was felt
difficult by almost all sectors of business activity. This condition is becoming increasingly difficult, if companies have to bear the risks that may occur on the assets supporting activities. Therefore, now is the right to transfer this risk to the insurance company as a guarantor risk. But choosing a car insurance is sometimes tricky.

You are looking for and confused in choosing car insurance?, Maybe a little tips below can be considered not forget I attach information / quote for car insurance can be the mother / father learned:

1. Quality:
Make sure in advance who will be selected insurance including insurance category that has received the title Best General Insurance, Indonesian Best Brand Award, Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award. Because with this certification are clearly indicates that this insurance is reliable, trustworthy, and proven claim responsibility in serving customers.

2. Cost Own Risk:
Sometimes frequent trips to the garage insurance is also something that makes lazy customers, let alone implement some insurance claim with the payment system or the risk itself that on average there are 100,000 .- based per incident, per collision, and so of course it makes you burdened with having to spend a lot of claims to pay OR if frequent trips to the garage insurance that does not necessarily result in customer satisfaction because his shop work done by the workshop that mock or non-authorized. Sometimes the paint pinto make your car’s body image as if it had tremendous impact this would make the value of your car sales slump. Although the customer can complain to the insurance, but how long the loss of your time wasted. It’s good for a very busy and lazy pace back to the workshop should select the insurance that insurance can receive 1 (one) time only claim but a collection of some conflict / collisions in different events, so maybe in a year just 1 time to garage adequate insurance and pay only once OR your car’s body back smoothly because done by a reliable repair shop or authorized repair shop (authorized). Cost-effective and efficient.

3. Claim Process:
As to the insurance claim process should be examined first, there are some car insurance which time the customer receives the claim should be straightforward once it is in fact this is must wait for the surveyor is ready, sometimes have to argue was the first time surveyed. Not yet at times it took several days just to wait for SPK (Work Order) issued by the insurance company for the repair shop could fix our car. Things like this sometimes customers feel ignored and a lot of time wasted just to wait for a paper / letter. Leave a process like this is already old, you should select an insurance claim when an uncomplicated, quick less than 30 minutes SPK is in your hands so you stay decided when to shop insurance.

4. Work:
Many insurance that applies some cheap rate, but what if the workshop is not qualified associates alias mock and not satisfying the customer. Sometimes paint your car look even striped make your car’s body image as if it had tremendous impact this would make the value of your car sales slump. Although the customer can complain to the insurance, but how long the loss of your time wasted. Pay attention to this and select the insurance with a trusted partner workshops and official (authorized). Remember that your vehicle is a valuable asset, do not underestimate using dubious insurance services only because of the difference a few dollars only premium price.

5. Spare Parts (Spare Parts):
Spare parts are an important part in your car, make sure the insurance guarantees that use original spare parts and warranty. Be careful with this insurance does not guarantee that fatal consequences.

6. Responsibilities of the Third Party (TJH / TPL) and PA (Personal Accident):
This feature should be observed carefully because the time of the incident hit the motorcycle accident samples sometimes – sometimes the 3rd party even more severe damage than us. Here the role of this feature needed, you should select the insurance with the responsibility of third parties are large so you do not burdened extra cost. Likewise with personal accident protection features driver / passenger it is also very necessary. Choose the insurance that is included with this feature.

7. Free Services 24 Hour Protection:
This is a very, very important when we choose car insurance, car insurance that many rely on and provide cheap rates only protection but the service is not satisfactory, not 24 hour service, no telephone service hard to contact even at times no one answered, Sometimes areas are also very limited protection at all times even just Jabotabek area only. Out of the Greater you can worried if there is a problem with your car like a strike on a highway because a flat tire, need a crane, a key miss in the car, ran out of fuel, etc.. Leave these worries, select insurance with 24-hour alertness and wide area protection in Indonesia. So if you are touring out of town as far away as Bali to Medan or do not worry if something goes wrong with your car. This feature needs to be considered for those of you who love to travel far (touring).

8. SRCC (Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion – Riots, Strikes and Riot & Flood):
Features of this insurance highly recommended that to ensure the risk due to the disruption of public order committed by a group of people, as well as measures authorities in action against such interference, whether related to the strike and the barring of work, and bear the civil unrest that political motif. Also the expansion of insurance cover loss caused by water overflowing out of the normal limit water rivers, lakes, swamps, water gate collapse, the collapse of the dam, continuous rain that can not be accommodated by water channels. Damage due to flooding include damage to the interior, exterior, dashboard panel, mechanical, electrical and other damage on the vehicle insured. Select insurance which includes this feature.

9. Flexible In Payment:
Choose a car insurance premium payments flexible, can be made with cash, transfers, or credit card (Visa / Mastercard). This may help your financial management.

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