It’s the beginning of a new year and a lot of us are still suffering a hangover form

last year, a financial hangover. The troubled times from last year have left many of

us worrying about the future and whether we can afford to live to the same standard

we have been used to for the past few years.

Right now people all over the country are trying to make little savings everywhere

whether it’s shopping at different supermarkets or trading in the gas guzzler for a

smaller car.

Many people are aware that there are ways you can save on some insurance premiums by

comparing online and this can lead to some savings here and there. Sometimes playing

one provider off against another can get some insurers or financial providers to

compete with other companies and offer you a better deal if it means you sign up with

them, especially with financial companies looking to stay afloat they are more likely

to be desperate for your business.

Car Insurance is a much publicized one but there are less obvious href=””>insurance policies that you

could save money on like href=””>life

insurance, in fact this is the perfect tie in with many people’s New Year

resolutions. When you hear about how these two fit together then you may think twice

about giving up on those resolutions too!

When it comes to insurance your policy and it’s premium quite often it is all

determined by how much of a risk you are to cover, for instance if you are a driver

with a few convictions and points on your license then you’re a high risk and so can

expect an expensive premium.

The same thing applies to life insurance, if you are a smoker or classified as obese

then you will have a pretty expensive life insurance premium. So here’s where New

Year’s resolutions come in, many of us will have promised to give up smoking or go to

the gym and lose a couple of pounds. Needless to say that with the current financial

issues lots of people are more likely to stick to their promises if it means a saving

or two.

If you have been a smoker or overweight in the past and no longer are then its worth

renewing your policy with the new data as it is estimated that either one of these

two pieces of information may be inflating your href=””>life

insurance quotes by up to 50%. Let your insurance provider know or compare life

insurance quotes from other companies and you should be able to make a saving on your


About the author

Andy Adams is an experienced UK based financial writer