If you are a pensioner, chances means that now you are traveling more than you had ever done before. However, you will require slightly more specialist travel insurance than regular travel insurance. Put simply, there exertion and arduous nature of a holiday can be a little much for us as we get older, and it is important to have cover that matches any needs you may have. This isn’t to say that you can’t spend holiday, not at all; in fact, a holiday is a great way of rejuvenating and feeling young again. But as you know, as you get older, there are one or two areas of your health that you’ll have to keep your eye on, and insurers will want to know about any and all health conditions you are aware of before you travel.

Make sure you give them full details of your medical health, as any information not given in your policy which is later disclosed could negate your travel insurance, and prevent you from receiving the payments for any treatments or assistance you need on holiday. Your travel should not be spent worrying whether or not you get ill, and if you do, what will happen. Holiday should be a time for you to relax, and enjoy whatever you enjoy. For some, being a pensioner means being a big kid again, and many meaningful experiences such as scuba diving and skiing. These are past times they never saw themselves back, and with the right insurance, there is absolutely nothing to stop you being 70 or older, and diving in a pool with dolphins.

Many insurers are struggling to provide for people aged 75 or over, but we have providers that can insure you and your holiday even if you are aged 99. There should be nothing stopping you enjoying your time the way you want to, and our providers will ensure that you have comprehensive cover at a price you can afford. Your policy will include many extras, but be sure to check out the full extent of your cover before accepting it. Decide what situations you feel that you are most likely to encounter, and base your quote and cover on these requirements. Whether you want to include cover for your baggage, or cover in case you miss the flight, be sure to shop around with various providers. As a specialist category, your quotes will vary greatly, so keep a list on who is offering what services and at what price, and work out what’s the most reasonable for you.

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