The good insurance is pledge of financial safety in the USA. The state partially supports the people having problems with health or lost work, however it is not necessary to hope for care of the government if the help suddenly is required to you. Independent insurance of the health, life, the machine and real estate is the best method to take care of itself.

Health insurance

Now in the USA there are no universal governmental programs on health insurance. People are more senior 65 years and a part of invalids of younger age can receive medical aid within the limits of program Medicare. The majority of Americans insure the health at the expense of the employers.

The majority of Americans insure the health at the expense of the employers. Workers with full time are in more favourable position as receive the insurance completely at the expense of the employer. Thus the insurance is usual extends not only on the worker, but also on members of his family. Conditions of such insurance usual rather favourable.

The problem arises in case of work loss. By existing position under the name “COBRA” the dismissed can reserve conditions of the working insurance. However they should pay it completely, including that part which was paid earlier by the employer. It often happens it is too expensive for the person just lost work.

One more typical problem of insurance arises in a case if you already have problems with health. As a rule, the insurance companies try to reduce the risks at the expense of an exception of the insurance of already available diseases. As a result the person will be insured against possible problems with health in the future, but forced to pay treatment before the revealed illnesses.

If you work on yourselves or don’t work in general, you should to try acquire the personal medical insurance. There are many companies offering various conditions of insurance. Be not too lazy to waste time on in-depth examination of offers and arrange the suitable insurance in the company with reliable reputation.

Life insurance

If you have unexpectedly died today, there could be your family without your salary? Your children could finish college? They could pay off on all your debts? Could pay funeral? The life insurance purpose – to warrant accomplishment of these requirements in case of your death.

There are 2 principal views of life insurance. The most popular is so-called TERM insurance. The insurance company establishes the fixed annual payment which can monthly be brought or quarterly. The size of installments depends on your age, a state of health, desirable area of an insurance covering and from other factors. The insurance is paid in case of your death in validity which is usual constitutes from 20 till 30 years. Your beneficiaries receive the sum specified in the agreement.

The second kind of life insurance is called WHOLE. In this case on each your installment performed monthly or annually, percent are charged. It is very similar to an accumulation account in bank. Besides, the possible sum of insurance payments gradually increases. But such kind of insurance is usual costs more expensively term.

Car insurance

The statistics shows that in an everyday life the dangerous occupation is car driving. According to the data of the Ministry of transport of the USA, in 2006 in car accidents in the country was lost more than 42000 persons. This figure doesn’t include a large quantity of the people who were traumatized and a mutilation, and also doesn’t reflect mullions-strong losses from property damage.

The good autoinsurance is absolutely necessary both for own protection, and for protection of other participants of traffic. In many states availability of the automobile insurance is obligatory. “Complete” (full-coverage) the insurance policy covers not only damages of your car, but also a loss to another’s machine or spoil of other property during accident. “The complete” insurance also defrays the expenses connected with accident on treatment, and even payments in case of • destruction.

In the absence of the insurance you risk to be forced to compensate cost of repair of another’s car and expenses on treatment of the victim. Therefore try to find the good autoinsurance in the company with high reputation. The good variant of the insurance will give you side benefits, for example, possibility of free towage of the defective car.

Home insurance

As it is known, inhabitants of the USA often face hurricanes, a tornado, flooding and earthquakes. Besides, in the USA the amount of fires in houses is very great. According to the official statistics, in 2006 412500 houses have suffered from fires. In fires was lost more than 2500 persons, fire damages property for the sum of 7 billion dollars.

For the majority of Americans ownership of own house is a sign of a prosperity. Try to present now that the owner if its damaged by natural disaster or a fire the house has not been insured will feel. House insurance is usual is the mandatory condition at issue of a purchase credit of habitation. Many variants of insurance of houses in addition cover such cases, as thefts, accidents, damages because of problems with an electricity and a waterpipe.

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