Online Car Insurance Renewal Helps Get a No-Claim Bonus


Online car insurance renewals allow you to avail a very useful clause known as the ‘no claim bonus’. The ‘no claim bonus’ is particularly designed to reward you with discounts on online car insurance renewal if you have been a safe driver in the previous year.

Keeping your car insured is one thing that should never be overlooked or ignored, it is as important as your own health. According to the Indian law’s Motor Vehicles Act, no motor vehicle is allowed on Indian roads without it carrying the minimum insurance cover. The minimum insurance policy that the Indian law expects every vehicle on Indian roads to have is the third party liability insurance policy.

However, in terms of common sense, a comprehensive automotive insurance policy is more suitable to have on Indian roads. While a third party liability insurance policy will only protect you from the costs of damage to another person’s property or health, a comprehensive automotive insurance policy will provide you cover against the financial implications of all kinds of damage to your vehicle or to yourself. Furthermore, a comprehensive automotive insurance policy would also protect you against the threats of theft, damage to accessories and even injury to a co passenger.

Having an online car insurance policy does not mean that you can be completely carefree on the roads; you still have to drive as safely as you can. However, there are benefits of being a safe driver that can be redeemed when you renew your insurance policy. With online car insurance renewal, you get the opportunity to avail a clause known as the ‘no claim bonus. The clause has primarily been designed by websites providing online car insurance renewal to encourage drivers to be safe on the roads.

The concept is very simple to understand. If you have not claimed any kind of damages to your vehicle or yourself from your previous insurance policy then you will be considered a safe driver. Resultantly, if you are such a driver then you are entitled to a ‘no claim bonus’, which translates into significant discounts on your renewal. This would make your renewed policy much more affordable and attractive to you and your pockets. You would not only feel as you have contributed to the safety of the road but also to your own finances.

There are other benefits with online car insurance renewal as well. For example, online car insurance renewal does not take as much time as insurance policy renewals conducted through insurance agents. Also, renewing your insurance policy online would also result in you having more options available to you with respect to insurance providers and various clauses.

Therefore, based on pros and cons, online car insurance renewal is miles ahead of renewing the same through local insurance agents. Therefore, you should immediately go for online car insurance renewal and live a relaxed and peaceful life.

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