The insurance sector in India is witnessing exponential growth. Whether it is life insurance, assets insurance, property insurance, vehicle insurance or travel insurance, people are realizing the importance of getting themselves insured against unforeseen future exigencies. Hence, the industry has grown with many domestic and international players ready to enjoy the pie in this sector. Consequently, the number of insurance jobs has also seen a huge spurt.

The career in insurance is very promising for youngsters today ready to make a mark. Within the insurance field, there are various specializations that one can opt for. These include Actuaries, Underwriters, Assistant Administrative Officers, Development Officers and Insurance Agents. Since the field of insurance is all about being prepared against any future risks, the job of actuaries is quite critical. Actuaries are experienced professional who look at the ways of managing future risks. It is the job of an actuary to collate and analyse facts and data, estimate risks and returns and make decisions in financial planning. The actuarial career revolves a lot around numbers, researching figures, reviewing work and situations etc. They are the ones who design insurance plans, determine the premium, monitor the profitability and recommend calculated changes as per the changing scenarios. Thus, actuaries are key players in the management teams of insurance companies.

Other than actuaries, there are various other insurance jobs too, underwriters, for instance. The job of an underwriter in the insurance industry is a tedious one. An underwriter reviews insurance applications and decides the worthiness of an application. Based on that, the application is rejected or approved. The decision is taken considering a lot of aspects such as the risks involved and the objects of concern. The work of an underwriter depends on the studies conducted by actuaries. The role of an underwriter also involves a lot of analysis and decision-making.

Then, there are job openings for Insurance Surveyors whose primary responsibility is to assess the actual level of losses and identify false claims made by the insured. Also, the surveyors help the genuinely affected people by timely indemnification of the loss. Thus, they act as an important link between the insured and the insurer. Surveyors are generally independent professionals hired by insurance companies to assess claims. Other than these positions, there are Development Officers who recruit and train insurance agents. It is the job of the Development Officers to keep the agents up to date about various techniques of procuring new business and servicing existing policies.

Last but certainly not the least, the very important players in the insurance industry are the insurance agents who interface with the customers directly and convince them about the suitability of various insurance plans. It involves both tele-calling and field work to go and meet potential clients and explain to them the various policies offered by the insurance company. As per the specific needs of the customers, these insurance agents recommend policies to them. They undergo extensive training before starting work. Insurance agent job are entry level jobs in this industry.

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