The auto insurance cost for women is oftentimes significantly more affordable compared to men. Most providers believe that girls are more careful on the road therefore less likely to file a claim.

While this may seem unfair to men, studies show that women simply pose less of a financial risk to the insurer, and they are rewarded for it thru additional discount. Women are not only far less likely to be involved in a collision or fender bender, but they actually take better care of their cars.

The official record shows that most women only have one or two record of traffic violations while men usually have more than 3 violations. Almost for everyone, age really does matter most of the time. Young ones don’t want to listen as they think they know better than anyone else around them. Young girls aged 18-22 have more road accidents than ladies over 25. Aside from the maturity, perhaps it’s also true that most things come with the experience.

Married women can make use of the “Insured and Partner” policies to get equal discounts for their spouse. Mostly, women pay up to 30% less compared to men with similar records. But after a few years when drivers age and built their own driving records, there is already not much difference in premiums between men and women. Responsible drivers pay less while bad drivers will eventually pay more.

Being pregnant does make any difference in premiums however we would like to post some safety measures for pregnant drivers or passengers. Many of the following tips are the usual things anyway, but while pregnant, it’s particularly important to double-check safety on the road.

SAFETY FIRST. Collision and bodily injury coverage in particular should be at the top of your priorities list.

SEATBELT. Pregnant women should rest the waist strap below the baby bump, not across it. The shoulder strap should also be comfortably across your chest. This will most likely save you and your baby in case of a collision.

POSITION. Position yourself at least 10 inches away from the steering wheel as it’s the safe distance if the air bag deploys. Though the distance should be at least 10 inches, you have to make sure as well that you can still drive safely and comfortably when doing so. Also, pulling over for a couple of minutes to stretch your legs can help you keep a healthy body circulation.

AVOID NIGHT-DRIVING. Night driving is more dangerous not just for pregnant women. It reduces visibility, increases the chance of encountering a drunk driver, and can lead for your body to more stressed out.

RIGHT FOOD. It’s a must to avoid eating unhealthy food to keep your blood sugar at a healthy level especially if you’re pregnant. By eating before you leave the house or packing some healthy snacks for the road, this helps you avoid greasy drive-thrus to keep your blood sugar at a healthy level.

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