It can get pretty confusing when trying to figure out the ins and outs of low cost car insurance. There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing insurance for you and your automobile. Car insurance is there to help cover the cost in case of an automotive accident. Along with the cost of repairing the damage to your car, insurance also helps in covering the medical bills that come from injuries suffered during the accident. It is important to recognize the factors in purchasing your auto insurance so you can better protect yourself when you’re behind the wheel, as well as protection for your vehicle as well. Here are a few factors carriers look into when you apply for car insurance.

* Personal Information. Information such as age, sex and marital status is an important factor when purchasing car insurance. Insurance companies look at these details so they can rate you, not only as an insured client but also as a driver. They look at a statistics and base their rating on your information. Age, for example can help or hinder your insurance rating. Older or more mature drivers are statistically better at driving and are more responsible behind their wheel than their younger counterparts. Women are also statistically inclined to be in more automotive accidents. These are unbiased tests that are derived from information gathered from statistics.

* History. The insurance company will surely look at your records as a driver. Your history or your records will show if you have been in any accidents and how often you get into trouble when driving your car. Having a clean record can only better your rating and improve your chances in getting excellent insurance coverage. Having a bad record, in turn, can lower your rating and decrease your chances of getting good coverage.

* Location. Where you live and the type of neighborhood you live in will be taken into consideration. There are certain areas that are accident prone and also other areas that have a higher crime they rate. Again, the insurance company takes this information impartially from statistics gathered. Most states have areas that have higher vehicle density thus resulting in a higher number of vehicular accidents. There are also areas that are located far from major cities and have a small number of vehicles. This results in a lower number of accidents in that area.

* Vehicle. How you use your car and why is a factor in determining your insurance coverage. They look at whether you use your car to go to place of employment or for recreation. Using your car as transportation to go to work can increase your premium. What type pf vehicle you drive is also a factor. Carriers look at information like your car’s make, model and year. There are different accident rates for each type of car. Some makes and models are also statistically stolen more than others. Some makes and models also have parts that are more expensive to repair or replace in case of an accident.

These are just of the factors that are considered by your insurance carrier when you avail of car insurance. It is important to know what they look at so you can evaluate your situation and your information beforehand. Browse through the internet and look at insurance quotes so you can compare prices and ratings.

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