The reason why females do not pay as much for their automobile insurance is overall they are involved in less insurance claims than men. Although there are many element involved with this, the main reasons point towards their driving style and the sorts of automobiles they drive which are in general more sensible then males.

For these reasons, car insurance suppliers are pleased to provide a discount on their insurance premiums not afforded to male drivers. Although the fact is they face as many accidents as males do but the damage caused by them is not as much most of the time, so their claims after the accident are also less. This is why females drivers can expect to receive anything up to nearly a third off an equivalent insurance for a man who had similar profile to that of the woman.

Of course the primary reason insurance premiums for females are lower are because they are slower, safer drivers so accident repairs are not as high as for men. Men on the other hand are more likely to drive beyond the speed limit and when an accident occurs it causes more damage to both vehicles involved meaning insurance providers are at greater risk financially. The underwriters also treat females, even if they have just passed their driving exam, as a lower risk and are able to apply for further discounts.

For many years now it has been possible for women drivers to obtain auto insurance from companies that only provide automobile insurance to females. Many of these companies believe that the risk the male driver poses, even though he is a insurance policy holders partner is not worth the additional cost that can be incurred if he has an accident.

These companies may exist with a lower profit margin than most big insurance underwriters but they are able to attract many customers to make up for the shortfall in individual premium shortfalls. If you are a woman then you really need to get a quote for a lady’s automobile insurance insurance preferably one that includes legal cover as well as it will help to claim back any excess from the third party in the event of a non-fault claim. Clean driving licenses are also a way to keep rates down and additional discounts can be included where a vehicle is stored in a garage when not in use|apply].

One last point to consider is the size of the insurer, specialist women only insurance firms are generally smaller and may not be able to compete with a general insurance company that is much larger. Considering the ongoing costs involved with any type of insurance, the best course of action is to compare companies and obtain quotes from a number as you may discover a general insurer who is cheaper.

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