All auto transport and car shipping companies by law must have auto insurance. Insurance is a must when transporting your car from state to state or even cross country. Without insurance you may find yourself shelling out few hundred even thousands of dollars for damages caused during the transit times. Common accidents likes scratches, dents, broken windows due happen and caused by unprofessional drivers, nature or debris on major highways and intersections. It is always a good idea to have your vehicle secure by having cargo insurance offered by your transporter.

Once your auto transport company secures and confirms the pickup date and assigns you a driver, ask your sales agent to see proof of the insurance for your verification. If you are transporting an expensive vehicle, some carriers insurance coverage offered may not be enough to cover the expense of the vehicle replacement. Most of the carriers have an insurance policy of $175,000 and up. If this is not enough, call your company and see if they can add additional policy. You may also ask your agent if it is possible to purchase additional coverage if coverage given by the auto transport company isn’t enough. Check to see if there are some exceptions to specific components and body parts which would not be covered. It is important to know what damages would be covered if the car is wrecked during the transit shipping process.

Make sure the insurance offered by the auto transport company insures the car against theft and other damages. Your auto transport company must provide you with a copy of the insurance policy so you may have these documents for your own records. Before handing the keys to your driver, your car should be emptied of all personal belongings. Most of the time, auto transporters insurance coverage, would not cover loss of personal possessions which are left in the car while in transit.

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