A Successful business insurance agent’s number one objective is to make your life a little easier and things a little simpler when both predictable and unexpected occurrences events take place.

Their role is to help you select an insurance plan that works for you, whether it’s auto insurance, insurance for your home and buildings, life insurance and/or health insurance.

A well respected insurance agent is one whose relationships with their customers is built on a foundation of shared values, quality service, mutual trust, and integrity.

An excellent farm or business insurance agent understands what’s important to their clients and why. They must understand the importance of the legacy represented by the business itself and they want to be there as part of you final solution – always willing to help in any way the can.

They are your neighbors and friends, people who know that money is always a rare commodity, so setting priorities and communicating the potential consequences is critical.

When tragedy strikes the business, or your family personally there is always a price tag. Where will the cash come from to deal with it?

There are only three possibilities that I know of. Money that has already been earned and saved, money that can be borrowed, or your insurance agent’s check – money that does not have to be paid back and does not deplete your savings or investments.

Naturally there is a fourth possibility for raising money, sell assets, not something that is likely to take the business or your farm in the direction you want it to go.

Business insurance agents who know their customers can help them understand the risk to benefit relationship between paying insurance premiums and self-insuring. Some risks you can and should self-insure with your own resources, risks that you can pay for out of pocket don’t warrant buying insurance to cover, while others, if uninsured could cause the business to collapse if they are not covered properly.

Selecting the right insurance agent is a serious decision in deed, one that can have a more far reaching impact on your businesses success than anyone who can not accurately predict the future can know.

And unless I miss my guess it is one that almost always comes down to your gut instinct, a matter of personal trust.

The right agent is one who will reach out to their home office, collaborate with their peers, and are willing to tell you so if there is a better solution for you that they don’t have.

In other words it’s not how much they know as it is how much they care, about you and your family business. It seems to me that the ideal insurance agent is one who’ll invest the time required to better understand you and your priorities.

They’ll make that investment in your business whether or not you buy insurance from them today or not. They known that in the long run they’ll be paid – if they are always willing to give of themselves before feeling a need to receive from you.

Should it be a rookie agent or a seasoned veteran? Does that really matter? It depends.

Let’s say they are in expert in insurance and financial services, is that to your advantage or not? Maybe both.

It’s good because they have already helped other people like you and they have seen a lot of “brilliant” ideas that did not work in real life over time. Or bad if their previous experiences have turned a mind open to suggestions into one that looks only at their own knowledge.

What about professional designations, whether or not they are well know among your peers, or simply right out of their company’s new agent school?

I don’t think it really matters, as long as they feel right to you. It is true that new agents fail and seasoned veterans retire.

In the meantime you’ll be doing business with someone who cares about your success.

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