Many people need a car of some kind. If they have no car they may often find themselves stranded since the public transport workers are on strike again. What this also means is that people need cheap car insurance. Insurance companies have developed a lot of ways to get car insurance quotes. Here are some tips.

Take driving courses. Becoming more expert at driving your car makes you less of an accident risk. This is because you are able to handle your car in an emergency and can react appropriately should another driver do something stupid (a frequent occurrence in this country and many others). The better driver you are the lower your risk profile and the lower you car insurance premiums.

Opt for a higher excess payment. If you generally have or are able to get enough money on hand, then you would be able to afford a higher excess payment. This is because insurance companies would have to pay out less which means they can offer you lower premiums each month.

Claim only when you really have to. It could be better to pay for minor damages yourself, especially if the cost of the repairs is lower than your excess payment. The fewer claims you make, the lower your premiums stay. Claiming makes your risk profile and thus your premiums go up. If the amount is lower than the excess payment, the insurance company will not have to pay for the repairs to be done, but the claim will still go on your record.

Decrease your car’s risk profile. By installing gear locks and anti theft devices like alarm systems and tracking systems you can lower the risk of your car getting broken into or stolen. This means that your car is less at risk in general which leads to cheap car insurance. Another way of deceasing your car’s risk profile is by keeping it safe in a locked garage or secure complex whenever you are not driving it. This also decreases the chances of your car getting stolen or broken into and hence the chances of the insurance company having to pay out.

You can also decrease your car insurance by having your license for longer than five years and being over the age of twenty five. Maintaining a clean driving record helps to lower your premiums. You could also insure all your calls with one company. Most insurance companies give a loyalty discount to those who consolidate their insurance. The more you insure with one company the lower your premiums will get.

Also only take the cover that you need. Do not be fooled into taking more cover than you will ever use. It is an unnecessary expense.

Car insurance does not have to be expensive. There are a number of things you can do to get cheap car insurance. Increase your expertise and lower your car’s risk profile and you are well on your way to getting your car insurance premiums way down.