As a small business owner or independent contractor, you are usually in charge of everything for your business including finding cheap health insurance for you and your family. However, as a self employed business owner you do not want to short change your coverage just to have the ability to say you or your family is insured. It is vital to you finances to make sure the policy and plans you review are ones that meet your healthcare needs and your budget. This means to consumers that you must be educated on the models that health insurance companies put out for policies as well as the terms and to know how to read a plan to see what exactly is not being covered or what has limited benefits. The individual health insurance markets are very confusing and buying the cheapest health insurance plan will cause you much grief, or at least may, unless you fully understand what you are buying before you enroll and apply for that plan.

To combat these problems, many self employed are looking through the eyes of advisors who are called health insurance brokers. These services are very misunderstood, most brokers have $0 in fees and are compensated by the carrier. They also are not just paid to sell you a plan, most brokers have agreements with carriers that they do not get fully paid on a self employed health insurance without having the client or consumer stay on the policy for a minimum of 1 year. This means that broker has a vested interest in making sure you get on the policy that is going to provide you the best benefits vs. price, they must make sure this is a plan you can afford, whether there is cheaper plans or not they are also making sure that the benefits meet those needs you explain to the brokers that you are looking for. In addition to these facts, the brokers will also be able to assist you in seeing what you are purchasing from different angles. You may not realize what you are asking for may effect you badly, such as purchasing a plan without name brand prescription coverage, which could cost you thousands of dollars in out of pocket money if you ever were to develop a major medical condition. Brokers can help you see this and many other obstacles in the individual health insurance industry that you are not currently thinking about.

A typical consultation for major medical insurance or a individual policy, usually takes less then 15-30 minutes and although this is longer the self quoting sites, it is rewarded usually with much more upfront savings and even more importantly long term savings on your health insurance. Another added benefit is the brokers are able continue to monitor your premiums and other carrier offerings throughout the year, and can send you updates on if cheap health insurance becomes available. You will also see addition services in having a independent advocate to help you get your policy to pay the claims that it is responsible. Anyway you look at it, self employed health insurance is most affordable this way.

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