Unpredictability is a trait of life and planning is a trait of humans. However, there are many occasions when a person is so hard pressed for time that he cannot look into every detail of his plans. This is doubly true if the person concerned is making travel plans as uncertainty is more with new locations and setups and there are many things that cannot avoided. Even so, there are ways through which a person can safeguard his long-term financial interests and peace of mind. One of these ways is getting travel insurance in India. In India, Travel insurance is particularly designed to take into account all types of contingencies that come linked with business and pleasure trips. The following are some unfortunate events where travel health insurance policies help the traveller.

1. Medical Emergencies:
These not only end up ruining the traveller’s mental peace but also have serious ramifications on the person’s long-term finances. In India, travel insurance policies would allow the traveller to get immediate medical assistance accompanied by appropriate compensation for the same. Travel insurance in India provides the above-mentioned advantages irrespective of the cause of the medical emergency.

2. Non-Medical Emergencies:
When on the road, a traveller also faces multiple non-medical situations that can totally derail his trip. Some of these situations include loss of checked in luggage, loss of passport, flight cancellations or delays etc. In India, travel insurance protects a person from the financial fallout of any incident such as the ones listed above. Furthermore, travel insurance in India comes ripe with multiple additional bonuses for the insured party such as cashless medical treatment, OPD coverage, hijack compensation etc.

3. Financial Implications:
Medical emergencies not only affect a person’s physical and mental health but also his long-term financial stability. Initially, when in injury or illness strikes, the foremost thing in the person’s mind is to get well as soon as possible which leads to him spending whatever amount is required. Subsequently, at a later stage, it is common for the person to realise that he is in dire financial straits owing to too much spending. This fact especially applies to Indians primarily because an Indian citizen travelling abroad will have to keep in mind the currency exchange rates. Travel insurance in India safeguards the insured party from the dire financial ramifications of such medical emergencies and the difference in currency values.

As is more than apparent, in India, travel insurance gives the insured party a twin advantage i.e. he will not only be prepared for medical emergencies but will also be prepared for financial emergencies.

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