Travelers who are over the age of 60 can face some difficulties in obtaining travel insurance. Beginning at this age, many older travelers soon discover that insurance companies are reluctant to offer seniors travel insurance for a number of reasons. Nevertheless, if you are diligent in your search and have little to no health problems, then you can still find the insurance that you need.

Why’s it so hard to find seniors travel insurance

Insurance companies are not in the business of taking unnecessary or unwanted risks, and as we get older we are often perceived as higher risks to insurance companies. Just as young drivers pay more for car insurance because of inexperience, seniors pay more for travel insurance because of their older age, declining health, and pre-existing health conditions. Is it fair? No. But unfortunately, it is legal.

What can you do?

While you can’t help what age you are, you can do your part to make sure that you find the insurance you need for your trip, at an affordable rate.

Start looking early-Since you know that you’ll likely face a harder time finding insurance, you’ll need to allow yourself more time to look for it. Don’t wait until a few weeks before your trip to start looking or you’ll likely end up not finding any coverage or paying way too much for it.

Begin with the insurance you currently have-If you currently have insurance, then check with those providers to determine whether or not they offer seniors travel insurance. It’s much easier to obtain cover with an insurer that is already familiar with your health and medical history, than to look for a brand new one. If they don’t offer coverage then ask for references.

Shop around-As a senior, you’ll need to definitely shop around in order to locate the best deal. Utilize the internet to look for insurers that target the senior market specifically, and for insurance companies that may not require you to disclose pre-existing conditions or take a medical examine.

Purchase a multi-trip policy-After going through so much work to obtain a policy; you don’t want to have to face that same ordeal every time you travel. Therefore, you should purchase multi-trip policy that will allow you to travel a number of times without having to re-apply for coverage.

Don’t get discouraged in your attempt to find seniors travel insurance. Help is available, no matter how young or old you are.

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