For many people in the UK, owning a health insurance policy is traditionally considered a luxury rather than a necessity. That’s because the existence of the NHS, which was set up to provide accessible and free healthcare to people across the country, has made socialised medicine the norm. However, in the last few years, some middle and lower income groups have turned to privatised medicine in order to avoid lengthy waiting times and crowded hospitals, leading to an increased interest in purchasing health insurance.

Indeed, one of the main advantages of owning a health insurance plan means that if you need sudden access to a GP, long queues can be avoided by visiting a private practice and you can feel secure in the knowledge that your policy covers costs incurred. Instead of adjusting your timetable to fit in with your doctor’s appointment, you’ll usually be able to settle on a time that suits you – whether that’s at lunchtime, after work or while your children are at school.

What’s more, if you choose to undergo treatment or surgery at a private hospital, a comprehensive private health insurance policy will cover you for consultations with your doctor before and after the procedure. This ensures that you are well-prepared before your treatment and that you are given sufficient guidance afterwards to aid your recovery. Some policies also offer access to a 24-hour health line so medical advice is on hand when you need it.

High quality health insurance companies may also offer health insurance that covers consultations and treatments for heart disease and cancer, at a higher rate to a standard policy. This may be particularly valuable if you’re afraid of how you’ll cope should you be diagnosed with heart disease or cancer, if your local hospital is strained or under-resourced to deal with these particular diseases or if you’d simply like to enjoy the freedom to choose where to undergo care. Other policies may also cover you for psychiatric treatments and out-patient complementary and holistic therapies, like reflexology and massage.

Ultimately, knowing that you have insurance for your health could offer you much needed peace of mind as you get older. Remember, however, that it is important to be as honest as possible about your existing conditions when applying for your insurance. If your health insurance company discovers that you have lied on your application form – for example, about whether or not you smoke – your future claims may be rejected.

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