Travel to exciting destination where you can experience unique and diverse cultural and geographical features, beautiful landscapes… When you travel to different parts of the world your health and safety should be given high priority. In this regard Indian travel insurance assures you undisruptive and secure travel trip. However it is a prudent choice to be insured with visitor travel insurance policy, when you make a journey to differ parts of the globe. Travel insurance is a necessity for any travelers, whether they are travelling within or outside India. Most of the Indians do not know or do not consider the importance of visitor travel insurance while travelling. Travel insurance meets the financial requirement of the visitor at least anticipated financial crises. The unforeseen emergency might be the result of any medical ailment or due to unpleasant events.

Indian visitors travel to different destinations every year, while travelling you must see that you are insured with visitor travel insurance. Most of the Indian insurance companies know the need of the visitors while travelling. So now a day’s along with life insurance they are offering general insurance which includes visitor travel insurance for Indians. TATA AIG travel insurance is one of the renowned insurance company which offers travel visitor insurance for Indians. Some of the travel plans offered under TATA AIG travel insurance are as follows.

TATA AIG Travel Guard Insurance

The TATA AIG Travel guard insurance is for all overseas travelers up to the age of 70. There are 3 policy maximums available, the Silver plan for $50,000/-, the Gold plan for $200,000/- and the Platinum plan for $500,000/- . This policy is available up to 180 days initially, but can be later renewed for another 90 days. The renewal is however not guaranteed and is contingent on approval.

TATA AIG Asia Guard Travel Insurance

Travelers going to Asian countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Maldives… can purchase TATA AIG Asia Guard and get covered. Those who are travelling to Asia for any purpose will find TATA AIG Asia Guard affordable than any other travel insurance plans. Your holiday in Asia will be more enjoyable and memorable covered with TATA AIG Asia Guard. Only Japan and Korea are Asian countries that are excluded in Asia Guard travel insurance. However the Asia Guard policy is available for a maximum of 14 days only. For travel within Asia but for more than 14 days, travelers should purchase the TATA AIG Travel guard insurance policy.

TATA AIG Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Travelers who make multiple trips to foreign countries annually can purchase TATA AIG Annual Multi Trip travel insurance for medical coverage. TATA AIG Annual MultiTrip insurance is available as Gold plan and Platinum plan. The Gold Plan in Annual Multi Trip provides maximum coverage of $250,000 and Platinum plan offers maximum sum of $500,000 respectively. Travelers with the Annual Multi trip cannot exceed a single trip overseas for more than 30 or 45 days depending on the plan purchased.

TATA AIG Domestic Guard Travel Insurance

Those who travel within India should not ignore the importance of travel insurance policy. TATA AIG Domestic Guard travel insurance plans cover specific risks that are encountered by the travelers in case of an emergency. TATA AIG Domestic Guard insurance can be purchased according to one’s age group.

TATA AIG Student Travel Insurance

Students going abroad for education also require medical insurance and TATA AIG Insurance plans are available for them also. TATA AIG Student medical insurance provides coverage for students between the age of 16 to 35 years who are enrolled and attending full time college outside of India. TATA AIG Student Guard insurance is available for the customers as Plan A, Plan B and Ultimate. The policy maximum will be $50,000, $100,000 and $250,000 respectively in Student Guard medical insurance by TATA AIG.

TATA AIG Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

TATA AIG travel insurance plans are available for senior citizens as well. Senior citizens who are between the age of 70 and 79 are eligible for TATA AIG travel insurance policy coverage. The maximum duration of coverage will be 120 days for Senior Citizen travelers between 70 and 79 and the maximum benefit maximum is limited to $10,000 in TATA AIG travel medical insurance plan.

TATA AIG travel insurance plan covers the insured from any unforeseen emergency while visiting overseas or within India. TATA AIG is the trend setting insurance companies in the travel insurance sphere. TATA AIG travel insurance, the largest travel insurance company in the world offers reliable and affordable travel insurance policies for Indian customers. TATA AIG General Insurance is one of the prominent insurance companies in India who offer a wide range of travel insurance policies at affordable premium cost. TATA AIG travel insurance policies are relevant for travelers going abroad and staying there for a certain period of time. TATA AIG travel insurance plans are designed to meet the health insurance requirements of the young and old respectively.

TATA AIG travel insurance plans have maximum medical benefits varying as $50,000, $200,000 and $500,000. TATA AIG travel insurance plans are distinguished as Silver, Gold and Platinum plans. Travelers can select any of the plans online and make a quick purchase online. TATA AIG travel insurance plans cover the insured for medical expenses, repatriation, evacuation, accidental death and dismemberment…
Visitor can buy TATA AIG overseas travel insurance policy online which is quick and convenient. Insurance customers can use credit/debit card, cheque or Net transfer facility online and make a purchase. TATA AIG travel insurance policy will be issued, emailed and couriered to the customers after the completion of the premium payment. Email copy and hard copy of TATA AIG overseas travel insurance policy are equally valid and can be used for legal process.

Indians insured with TATA AIG travel insurance plan can fulfill their desire of exploring awesome places of the globe. Do not sit at home when the large world outside is eagerly waiting to disclose itself. TATA AIG travel insurance policies understand your need for safe and secure getaways and it assures economical aid in case of emergencies. Choose from a range of exciting economical TATA AIG travel insurance policies and enjoy your travel experience.

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