Home insurance is a must-have for anyone living in their own place or a rented property.

It is impossible to predict the disasters that could befall your home and result in you having to pay to replace some or all of your belongings – making home insurance a wise investment.

While homeowners are regularly advised of the benefits of taking out house insurance, however, some people still refuse to out of a misguided belief that they are saving money that way.

Compared with the cost of having to replace possessions and potentially pay for damage to the property in the event of a burglary, flood or other incident, the price of an annual home insurance policy is low indeed.

There are ways and means of saving money on home insurance, however, so those worried about paying for cover might want to follow these tips.

Boost home security

Security is perhaps the biggest factor that can determine just how much you pay for your home insurance.

Insurers assess the security of your property based on the type of locks it has, whether it has any alarms fitted and other criteria.

Therefore it is vital that you make your home as secure as possible before buying home insurance to ensure you get the lowest possible quotes.

Make sure you check with your insurer as to what they recommend you do when it comes to choosing locks and alarms.

The Home Office also offers some useful advice on this topic – it says that doors should have deadlocks that meet British Standard BS3621, while sturdy locks should be placed on all external windows and doors.

Other precautions include leaving the curtains closed and several lights on when leaving the property at night to deter burglars and investing in a door chain and spyhole so you know who you are opening your front door to.

Flood and fire

Burglary isn’t the only disaster that can befall your home – the risk of fire and flood can also have a damaging impact on your property and its contents.

Fit a smoke detector and look for signs of subsidence if you are buying buildings insurance.

Insulating your water pipes can also help to guard against the risk of floods caused by burst pipes as they freeze and thaw during harsh winters.

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