For many students, the idea of moving out of your parent’s house for two, maybe three years seems like a tempting prospect, and one that thousands of freshers look forward to each year.

However, most students will no doubt bring with them an assortment of personal possessions, from computer technology to mp3 players and much more – often bought new and especially for their university life.

Bringing so much new gear to campus with you will no doubt catch the eye of potential thieves. Indeed, students often suffer some form of crime whilst they are studying at university or college, but there are measures you can take to ensure that you’re not a victim of crime whilst you make the most of your studying and socialising.

If you’re moving into private accommodation, it can be worth double checking with your landlord if you’re entitled to any protection on their existing home insurance policy. However, by taking the time to spend some of your loan money on a possessions insurance policy, you can add a level of protection to items such as laptops, bicycles and even that CD collection you’re accumulated over the years.

Taking out some insurance before you head off to study is crucial to ensuring that your possessions will be protected should the worst happen during your study time. As you’re likely to be moving into an unfamiliar environment, it’s best to be careful, so vigilance is vital if you don’t want your stuff to be stolen.

It’s also vital to ensure that your room can be locked securely – be it a dorm room or a single bedroom in a shared house. When looking for properties for your next year it’s important to check that any potential living space can be secured to protect your possessions – as well as ensuring that the house is safe and secure.

Many go to university under the assumption that their stuff will be covered under their parents’ house insurance policies. In most cases this is not the case, but by taking out some cover for your prized possessions, you can help put your mind at ease, which will help you relax and free to concentrate on the other aspects of student life.

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