Cashless Insurance in India is a facility that comes with health insurance plan. It gives an individual an access to go to network hospital and can avail medical treatment without paying off the cash in return. An insurer directly settles bills to the hospital. Apollo Munich offers this facility in more than 4000 hospitals.

The biggest problem that people face with health insurance is at the time of claim settlement. Myriad of people do not trust these insurers, as they believe that they do not want to settle claims. No one wants to know about the reason for claim rejection. Looking into this problem, health insurers have started tie ups with large number of hospitals in order to help customers to seek treatment on basis of cashless hospitalization. This cashless insurance in India is liked by many citizens, as it keeps them away from the process of claim.

Cashless insurance in India is one of the most sought after feature that is most liked by the people. It is the facility that helps an insured to seek treatment in the reputed hospitals of the country and walk out of the hospital premises without paying the bills. The insurer directly settles the bills to the hospital, on behalf of an insured. But, an insured needs to keep in mind that there is an approval required before getting treatment. It may either from TPA or from the insurer, as stated at the back of health insurance card.

The facility of cashless insurance in India cannot be availed in non-network hospital. For the treatment for the covered peril in non-network hospital, an insured needs to settle the bills himself/herself. These bills can be reimbursed later from the insurers on submission of document within specified time period.

Apollo Munich, a joint venture between the Apollo Group of hospitals and Munich Health, offers this facility of cashless insurance in India in more than 4000 hospitals in the country. This large network is to help people in seeking quality healthcare or medical treatment, in times of emergency. This facility has offered much relief to the insured individual by keeping them at peace of mind.

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