Do you own a static caravan? You may feel it’s not necessary to have static caravan insurance on your holiday home; however, this is not the case. You may have purchased your holiday home, simply to use it only during the holiday season. What is happening to your static caravan when you are not present? Not sure? Why worry yourself? The simple solution is purchasing a Static Caravan Insurance policy from Shield Total Insurance – the leaders in static caravan insurance. Shield Total Insurance offers a wide variety of policies and covers many types of damage and situations that can occur to your static caravan.

There are many ways that your static caravan can be damaged. Water leaking through the roof is a big concern in older models; wind damage can dent the outside of the caravan or even break through a wall with a tree limb or other flying debris. Fire is also another cause of serious damage to static caravans. There are several options to combat this. A wise owner would have a good fire protection policy in place for just such instances.

Holiday time is a great time to get away from it all, if you have adequate static caravan insurance you will be more inclined to use your caravan. A good investment deserves a great coverage. Shield Total Insurance offers many different types of protection policies and are ready and waiting to cover your caravan with their static caravan insurance.

Mother Nature is often one of the key factors for damage to a static caravan, but not always! Humans can wreak havoc as well. Burglars often find pleasure in robbing holiday caravans, because they assume the caravan is not protected. Your static caravan insurance policy may cover theft too. Without the coverage, you may not be able to recover the lost or damaged items. Shield Total Insurance will replace the items that have been stolen or damaged – a promise that few other static caravan insurance policies can live up to. Protect yourself, your family and your caravan with Shield static caravan insurance. Insurance on your holiday home will help abate fears and worries while you are not able to be there full time. You love your holiday getaway, don’t let complacency spoil that – buy your static caravan insurance online now from Shield Total Insurance – the leader in static caravan insurance.

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