First of all, you need to really understand insurance policy you are considering to purchase and that you are comfortable with the product and reputation of the company. Most states in America require insurers providing purchaser’s guide to explain benefits, terms, and also costs. Request your agent for a printed copy of insurance’s guide and follow the tips listed below:

– Request for outlines of coverage so you can compare the features of several policies. And Check with your state insurance department to ensure the company and agent are licensed in your state.

– Always seek for an insurer that is well known, reputable and financially strong. A number of insurance rating services rate the financial performance of companies. You can request such information from your agent, web or even business libraries. Some of the rating parties include Standard & Poor’s Insurance Rating Services, Moody’s Investor Services Inc. and Weiss Ratings.

Watch out for “No Cost” life insurance. Investors may contact some seniors to offer them money to buy life insurance and then sell the policy back to the investors. The investors will profit by receiving the death benefit when the senior passed away. Often referred to as stranger/other-originated life insurance, insurers are very concerns about these misuse transactions because they violate public policies against human life. Also, there may be hidden agendas, such as unexpected or not known taxes and fees. Make a point to answer questions on your life insurance application truthfully. Make sure your application filled out correctly. Immediately inform your agent or company of errors or not complete information. Remember this, if you decided to buy a policy, make your check payable to the insurance company, not to the agent. And always ask for a receipt. Remember to contact the insurer or agent if you do not get your insurance policy after 60 days.

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