In this harsh economy, everyone is looking to save money. At the end of the month we get all those bills in our mailbox, and we think to ourselves, how can we save money when we have to pay so much? Car insurance is just one of the many bills we have to pay and there are many ways to turn your current car insurance into cheap car insurance, all without lowering your coverage. There are many ways in which we can lower the cost of our car insurance. Insurance companies give tons of discounts for many reasons. Training your teen drivers with drivers education will drop your high rates for teen drivers down a little bit saving you money. Also, defensive driving courses for all ages may get you considerable discounts. So look into your company and see if you qualify and where to take these courses.

Many companies give discounts to drivers who equip their car with a theft device. Not only does this secure your valuables and your car from thieves, it may also lower your car insurance. Another way to lower your rate, is to ask your agent about multiple car discounts. If you have more than one car, you are likely eligible to receive a multiple car discount. There are so many ways to save people money that they just do not know about. When we go to get a quote from an agent they ask a lot of questions. They will ask questions like, how many miles are on the car?, and, how many miles do you drive to work each day? Being completely accurate can place you in a specific class, with significant price changes between classes. Many small things can save you money as well. Choosing a one year policy rather than a six month policy.

This will lock in your rate for one year instead of it changing every six months. Many companies now charge small fees for mailing your bill. Switch over to an EFT(electronic fund transfer) to stop those pesky fees. It is a simple process. You can also link in to your credit card so you never have to worry about money being in your account. Besides all the discounts companies will give for certain things, nothing saves you more money than safe driving. Many insurance companies will now give you money back when you have driven safely for the year.

Clean driving records will save tons of money. High risk drivers have trouble even finding coverage, and when they do it is very expensive.So concentrate and drive smart! No slip-ups or accidents on the road will most likely be rewarding. If you are in the process of looking for good car insurance, or already have insurance and looking to save money, you can! Next time you go for a quote or see your agent, ask questions about how you can save. Most of the time you can find tons of discounts to save you money every year.

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