‘Over 228 mobile phones are stolen every hour in the UK’. This is the figure, provided by the Home Office, which is now working hard to come out with better protection methods for mobile phones. Now, this seems more than enough to signify the importance of mobile insurance. Insurance acts as a safety cover against the loss or theft of the mobile phones. And, it is not only about phones getting stolen, it is also about phones getting lost or damaged by one way or the other. One may lost or damage his handset on his way to office or home. The handset may get damaged by water or fire or any other thing. And, these are not the hypothetical situations, stats are available on the net which prove the same.

No-matter, whether one has opted for a contract phone deal, pay as you go deal or SIM free deal, importance of mobile insurance can not be undermined in any case. As far as buying a plan is concerned, it is really easy with so many websites there, offering a wide range of plans to cater to the needs of phone-owners. One only needs to go through these sites and check out for some good plans. It really does not take much time and one easily ends up opting for a real-good insurance plan. Although, having an insurance does not mean a complete compensation for mobile-loss or damage, yet it covers the loss to a great extent and puts the frustrated soul in the comfort zone.

Words of Caution: It is always advisable to go through the agreement and understand the terms and conditions. One should first analyze his needs and expectations and only then head for the best mobile insurance plan. And since there are a number of companies in the field of insurance, one can compare amongst the available offers.

After insurance for mobile phones, it is the concept of Recycle Mobiles which is gaining steam in the UK mobile industry. Almost all households in the UK have one or two old phones, lying here and there, without any use. Most of the people seem to be unsure of what they can do with these outdated communication devices. This is where, recycling comes into play. There are plenty of websites which offer free or compensated phones disposal, and O2 is among the newest one to join this group of players.

Besides monetary compensation, the idea of ‘Recycle Mobiles’ is also getting popular as it is perceived as a Saviour of the environment. A number of harmful substances are used in the process of mobile-manufacturing and in such a scenario, recycling comes to rescue, reducing the need for these substances. More and more people are now moving out with their old phone-handsets for recycling, especially those who want to do something for the betterment of global environment.

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