When it comes to applying for or buying anything online, some people hesitate because of the common requirement to reveal a great deal of personal information. The reality of identity theft is more prevalent than some people would like to believe. When you apply for a credit card or home loan online, there is really no avoiding the disclosure of your personal information if you want the lowest rate possible. Fortunately, you can obtain California auto insurance quotes without sharing information that is considered as private as your driver’s license number, social security number, or any credit card information. After all, quotes are free and insurance companies in California have no desire to scare any potential customer off.

Of course, in order for your quotes to be accurate, there are a few pieces of personal information that must be shared. Your date of birth and marital status are semi-large components in determining the price of your insurance, particularly if you fall over or under a certain age. Any traffic violations you have been convicted of need to be disclosed as well. There is no point in being dishonest here because if you decide to purchase the coverage from one company over another with the California auto insurance quote you have received, you will then need to supply a driver’s license number to the company itself so they can look up your driving record. Your only reward will be a higher rate than you thought you qualified for.

After sharing the needed information to receive California auto insurance quotes, you will provide simple contact information. Once you direct away from the site, how is a company expected to get in touch with you without a home address, phone number and email? Some people consider this to be private information, but if you want to appreciate the convenience of applying online and getting in touch with the best-priced insurance provider for your needs, this is what you must disclose.

While you are not required to share your credit card number when applying for California auto insurance, your credit score does play a role in the pricing of your insurance plan in some states but not in California. In some states, bad credit can even be a reason to deny you coverage at all, though there are usually other contributing factors as well. This is because an insurance company could suffer a loss at your inability to pay, a trend that can be spotted on your credit history. A clean credit history and driving record are the best ways to get the most affordable insurance.

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