Motorhome Insurance

There’s no doubt, buying a motorhome is very exciting! The thrill of the open road before you, and everything you need for a good night’s sleep right there behind the wheel. But taking your home on the road is also a big financial commitment, so you need to make sure you protect your investment with the right insurance.

There are many things you need to consider when looking for motorhome insurance, and there are many insurers offering great deals. But everyone has specific needs. When comparing policies, don’t necessarily go for the cheapest option! Your dealer may be able to help you, but here are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, you need to think about where you will use the motorhome. Will it be used solely in the UK, or are you going overseas? Different insurance policies will offer different levels of cover for travel outside the UK. Make sure you are covered for all the destinations you intend to visit.

Who will use the motorhome? If it is going to be driven by you alone, the insurance will usually be cheaper than if you have a number of named drivers. However, if you are planning to lend or rent your motorhome out to friends, family or even strangers, you will need to make sure they are all covered under the terms of your policy. You may be able to add short-term or mileage-based drivers from time to time. Check this with the insurer.

If you are a member of a motorhome club, ask other members, or motorhoming friends, who they are insured with and what their experiences are of that insurer. Try and get a personal recommendation.

Check the level of cover you will get for personal effects, such as luggage, camping equipment and awnings. And think about all the valuables you will carry with you, such as your TV, DVD player and stereo. Does your premium adequately cover these items?

We all believe we are good drivers, but accidents do occur! What will happen to you if you have an accident while you are touring and your motorhome is out of action? Some insurers will offer a temporary vehicle while your motorhome is being repaired, or cover hotel expenses if necessary. Check the level of cover and the terms of any deals here – some are more generous than others.

There’s nothing worse than breaking down in the middle of nowhere in middle of the night. Go for a policy that includes a level of breakdown assistance / roadside recovery, for added peace of mind.

Finally, look for insurers that specialise in motorhome insurance; they will know better than anyone what your needs are, and will be best able to tailor a policy that suits you. Talk to them, that’s what they’re there for.

Now relax and enjoy your trip!

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