Medical problems come and go, now and then. Some are just like annoying visitors, and are easily forgotten. Others leave lasting scars and some can even be continuing burdens. Whatever the long term and short-term effects of a health problem, no medical aid comes cheap, wherever you live. California Health Insurance policies are designed to give that necessary healing touch to the people of the state and give them a sense of security while going about their jobs in adverse weather conditions, or doing double shifts to make both ends meet.

By the provisions of California Health Insurance, insurance companies are bound to offer employers California Group Health Insurance. However, employers can decide whether an employee is eligible for cover under the California Group Health Insurance policy that he buys. One of the rules that decide the eligibility of the employee is FMLA or Family and Medical Leave Act of the state. The rule allows employees to take leave without losing the benefits of their California Group Health Insurance during their leave. It is applicable only to businesses, which employ more than fifty people.

FMLA allows the employees to benefit from the coverage of California Group Health Insurance during periods of intermittent leave or a longer unpaid leave up to three months. His right to be covered by California Group Health Insurance will depend on the nature of the medical emergency. For example, a leave for cosmetic surgery may not always be considered a condition that allows a person to take leave and remain covered by California Group Health Insurance. The rule also helps an employee to keep his insurance cover if he has to leave for a few hours every day for some medical therapy. However, each case will have to be judged on its own merits, as there are different types of exceptions to the rule.

The premiums of California Health Insurance will vary depending upon the location of the company. Certain areas are considered to be more risky from a medical point of view and location of the insurance provider will also influence the rate of premium. If one company has different branches functioning at different locations, the premium for California Group Health Insurance of each of these branches may be different.

California Group Health Insurance policies can be further customized by adding what are known as benefit riders. Benefit riders are additional coverage that can be added to a policy to better tailor it to specific needs. For example, benefit riders for eye care, maternity benefits, or dental coverage can be added to an existing California Group Health Insurance to ensure better coverage for employees. An employer is expected to provide the same California Group Health Insurance policy to all his employees, irrespective of when they joined the company. This is expected to provide a harmonious working atmosphere and avoid discrimination claims.

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