Women drive too. Women own fancy cars. Women can afford to buy cars. Women can race as well as men. Women can drive for a living. Cars used to be all about men but women are now here to prove they can be as sleek as men when it comes to cars and driving. The best thing about this is – women are more likely to pay less when it comes to car insurance.

Men’s hunger for speed can really put insurance companies off. Through the years, insurance companies have records of young men being reckless drivers. Young men are often seen as those who engage in mindless drag racing. Although there are also adult men and women who join these speed games, it is mostly young men who are pegged to engage in such reckless behavior. Both young and adult men are also seen to be hungry for speed. Even when not in a race, they just feel like they sometimes need to drive in a neck-breaking speed in a free highway just for the heck of it. Car insurance companies frown at this. One point for the ladies, zero for men.

Men like to party, women too. Both can get drunk but it is often men who are caught driving drunk. There are more men involved in accidents due to driving drunk than women. If a woman happens to get drunk on a bar, the bar tender would most likely get the lady’s car keys and put her in a cab or call someone from her mobile phone to take her home. If a man gets drunk in a bar, he would still have enough strength to fight with the bartender so he can insist on driving home drunk and end up in an accident. See the difference? Car insurance companies do. Two points for the ladies zero for men.

Women are precious. Men are obsessed about keeping the women off the monsters called “cars.” When women are asked out by men, it would be the men who pick the ladies up and drive them home. Even among husbands and wives, it is also the husband’s responsibility to drive the car when going for a trip and the wife’s responsibility is to check if everyone is wearing their seatbelts. Since it is men who seem to be driving all the time, insurance companies take this to mean that men are most likely to get into accidents than women. That’s three-zero, by now. Three points for the ladies zero for the guys.

We can go on and on about this but the point is, it can be your advantage if you are a woman when it comes to buying car insurance. Insurance companies are likely to have women pay less than men because they have years of records to prove there are more men who get involved in an accident than women. But you can also save more if you get more information by comparing car insurance quotes. So ladies, drive carefully and drive insured.

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