If you are considering pet insurance or rental insurance you may have a lot of unanswered questions. Is rental or pet insurance worth the cost? What do they cover? Or is it even necessary? Because pet insurance is not quite as well known as its human health insurance counterpart, you may have a lot of questions. The same may be true for rental insurance, whereas the necessities of home insurance are obvious, rental insurance isn’t. We will take a look at both.

Pet insurance, as the name implies is health insurance for your pet. With the costs of veterinary care, rising as quickly as human health care, pet insurance makes a lot of sense. Essentially, pet insurance provides protection for your pet against accidents or emergencies, and illnesses. The cost of pet insurance can vary widely depending on the type of plan you choose. Just like health insurance, if you have a higher deductible, and a less comprehensive policy, you can save some money. In all actuality, when compared to human health insurance, pet insurance is rather affordable. For as little as $30 a month you can have a rather decent pet insurance policy.

When it comes to utilizing your pet insurance policy it is quite a bit easier than the health insurance you’re probably used to. You don’t have to choose your pet’s doctor off of an approved list. This allows you to stay with the veterinarian that you are comfortable with. After services are rendered, you pay for treatment, and then the pet insurer reimburses you. What your pet insurance covers is based on how much insurance you have in place. If you have a comprehensive plan that covers everything from routine office visits to medications, you’ll probably pay a bit more. So it’s important to determine how much pet insurance you not only need but how much insurance you can afford.

Pet insurance does have some issues that you should consider before purchasing. Some insurers will provide limited coverage, which means you may be capped out at a particular amount. You may be restricted when it comes to seeing expensive specialists. Some dog breeds may be more expensive than others. If your dog’s breed is more prone to a particular disease or problem, you’ll pay more. If your pet is older, pet insurance will be more costly, for obvious reasons.

When buying pet insurance you will want to choose a quality insurer. Insurance companies are notorious for finding loopholes to get out of claims, when they are needed most. Not only do you want an insurer that will be around for you when you need them, but also you’ll want them to cover what’s needed. Saving a few bucks by going with the cheapest insurer just isn’t worth the headaches.

To touch on rental insurance briefly, we’ll cover a few basics. Rental insurance is much like homeowners insurance, in that it protects you when renting an apartment or a house. Many individuals go without rental insurance, thinking that it’s their landlord’s responsibility. This is not a very good approach. Yes, the buildings structure is insured for your landlords benefit, but not your belongings. Rental insurance protects your belongings from theft, fire and other natural disasters. And much like homeowners insurance, rental insurance also protects in the form of liability protection. This means that if a guest as an accident at your apartment or home, you won’t be held responsible. For this reason, many landlords are now making rental insurance mandatory. This provides them with the liability protection that they are looking for.

Much like pet insurance, rental insurance is very affordable. We have seen rental insurance for as low as $15 a month. Now, this is for a basic policy, but in many cases, it gets the job done. Things like your deductible, whether you own a pet, and how much coverage, will affect your premium. Make sure to take an inventory prior to getting rental insurance, this will help with any ambiguity with the insurer, if you need to make a claim. Also, the importance of understanding or policies features is a must. Have your agent or insurer explain any policy features or drawbacks that you may have questions about. And go with a decent insurance company that you can rely on.

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