Do not stop at just owning an iPhone. Possessing an iPhone is incomplete without proper insurance coverage. Whether you like it or not, there will be circumstances when your iPhone may be susceptible to theft, damage or loss. Having a reliable iPhone insurance ensures that you are financially taken care of in the event of such theft, breakage or loss. Considering how expensive your iPhone is, it is definitely worth spending a few extra bucks on the insurance to protect your phone. If you have iPhone insurance, you can get back the amount lost in the event of any untoward incident. A small monthly charge is all that you have to shell out to save the thousands of dollars spent on your iPhone.

iPhone insurance normally provides cover for the following:

Theft- In the event of your iPhone being stolen, the insurance policy will help replace your iPhone.

Accidental damage- This kind of coverage protects your iPhone if it gets damaged due to any unexpected incident. For example, you may accidently sit on it and break it or drop it down by mistake etc. The cover provided will enable you to repair your iPhone or buy a new one.
Liquid damage- iPhone insurance policies that provide this cover are designed to protect your iPhone from damage caused due to spillage or compensates you when your phone gets damaged when it accidently becomes wet.

Fraudulent call cover- Under this coverage, the insurance for iPhone will reimburse the insured up to a certain amount in case of fraudulent calls during the period when the iPhone is stolen. In order to offer this kind of coverage, insurance companies must be accredited and regulated by the FSA.

Extended warranty cover- iPhone insurance is usually taken to protect your iPhone outside of the manufacturer

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So, while buying insurance for iPhone, look for a coverage that best suits your needs.