What is one of your hardest jobs as the parent of a teen? Is it making sure they are dressed in nice clothes, do their homework, or hang around with nice kids? Well sure, those things are important, but they aren’t as hard as turning your teen into a safe and covered driver!

When you hand over the car keys to Junior, you know that you have given him or her an icredible responsibility. For most of us, this tasks needs to be done, but that does not make it any easier.

First, you have to make sure that your son or daugher becomes a safe and educated driver. This is harder than it used to be in many places because a lot of high schools do not offer free driver’s education any more. So many parents choose to pay for a private driving school.

On the plus side, many insurers will offer a discount for driver’s education clases, but not all of them do! Of course, if these classes can help make your child a better driver so they are less likely to have an accident, the time and money will be well spent.

However you educate your child to become a better driver, you are certain to be hit with a large car insurance premium increase on the day he or she gets a license. My own policy doubled, and I have heard that some parents had theirs triple!

How can you get the lowest rates while still making sure you have top qualify coverage?

If you are shopping for another car, consider which autos are cheaper to insure. Insurers keep statistics on the size of claims, expense to repair, and theft reports for each make and model of car. Some cars will cost less than others to insurer because insurers feel as if they do not tend to be associated with expensive claims.

Good students can also get a discount with some companies. Since a young driver will not have a driving record to base rates off of, some companies will look at grades as evidence of responsibility.

Approved driver’s education classes may earn a discount with some companies, but not with all of them.

A student driver will probably do better by being able to combine some of his or her parent’s discounts. Multiple vehicle discounts, home and car policy rate cuts, and even discounts for home ownership should help cut the total family bill.

But that does not mean you should assume your old company will give you the best rates. Some experts advise drivers to find competitive auto insurance premiums every year or so anyway, but adding a new driver is certainly a good time to do this.

So many things affect premiums though. The driver’s age, driving history, type of car, other insurance policies, and even a credit score can raise or lower rates. It can take hours, days, or weeks to call around to multiple insurers or agents for effective price quotes.

Free online auto insurance quote forms can make this task much easier. Simply enter information, in about 5 minutes, click the submit button, and get started with the best rates.

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