Insurance is a method to bring safety and security and help the individuals at the times of emergency. Insurance reduces the problems faced by individuals and some even view it as investment option.

Insurance is a kind of protection or a back up plan for the common individual against the uncertainties in life. Insurance is a person’s defense against the some of the most untoward events in life which are not under the persons control. Insurance helps in reducing the stress and unpredictability and imparts security and guarantee to the insured. Insurance helps the common man in facing change and the dynamic environment he or she lives in.

There are various types of Insurance but the most important part of any potential Insurance policy holder’s portfolio should be the following

Life Insurance the most important insurance for any individual with dependents. There are the following types of life insurance.

Term Life Insurance

These policies are taken out for a specific time frame which ranges from one year to forty years. The policy is designed to give a certain sum or amount of money to the mentioned or designated person as decided by the policy holder after the insured passes away. These policies do not accrue value. The policy holder can seek the extension of the policy tenure till he reaches the age of 80 years or the policy becomes more than 40 years old. A fixed sum of money called premium is to be paid to the Insurer regularly to take advantage of the benefits.

Whole Life Insurance

This Insurance amount is a permanent life insurance. The amount will be paid only when the policy holder dies before or after the policy expires. In this type of insurance the policy accrues cash value and can be used as collateral as the payments in this policy are guaranteed and specific.

Universal Life Insurance

This policy is a little more complicated one as it is a type of insurance that offers a combination of options. In this policy the insured has the option of increasing and decreasing his/her premium payments thus in turn increasing or decreasing his/her insurance cover.

Accidental Life Insurance

This policy’s name gives away its motive. This type of Insurance policy is very cheap and the policy amount decided will be paid out to the designated person after the insured dies in an accident. The policy is very easy to understand and the amount decided is decided within a specific set of circumstances.

Variable Life Insurance
This is a fairly new type of Insurance policy wherein the insured is offered a savings account as well as a Life Insurance Policy. This type of policy usually has tax benefits attached and is a safe investing option for the policy holder. The Insurance amount is guaranteed and the amount deposited in the savings account with interest will be paid

Health Insurance is another important insurance product for every individual. It is the type of insurance which protects the policy holder against unexpected expenses incurred over medical and other health related issues. In India there are two types of health Insurance available.
Medical Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance

Home Insurance is a very important insurance for individuals with families also called as home owner’s Insurance and hazard insurance. It protects the insured from expenses incurred in case of unexpected damage to the house such as in case of a fire, earthquake etc. There are various types of Home Insurance currently available to the potential insurance buyers in the country. They are
Building Insurance
Content Insurance

Insurance is an important part of every individuals financial repertoire. It is part of the preparation for the future for every individuals financial well being. Insurance is an essential aspect of every individual portfolio and can be considered as an investment option. Insurance is a way for the common man to be prepared for the future and all its uncertainties.

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