Every insurance company advertises its life cover and the benefits they offer their clients. They tell you that their services, term life and whole life insurance have unique properties that you should buy into. I bet that everyone has heard something about life insurances, either whole or term insurances and many people are thinking about their future and their loved ones that may have bought one. However, there is another product on the market: universal life insurance, product that has many advantages over other investment options. This type of policy has witnessed an increased popularity in the last years and more and more people are beginning to think about their financial future. A universal insurance policy represents a personal portfolio that offers you a certain degree of financial security. It differs from other insurances as it offers clients a longer list of possibilities and facilities. Later in this article we will discuss the insurance company investment portfolio and what that involves.

A universal policy is based around a life insurance, and its core is a life insurance with everything it represents. According to what type of cover you choose, a universal life cover policy may contain whole, term or mortgage insurance insurance. It also contains an investment option (it includes a series of funds that you can use for emergencies or retirement). A universal life policy also contains a health insurance that covers both general health and critical illnesses. You can discuss with your broker to include other facilities as well, such as a disability and accidental death cover for you or other members of your family.

You can change the terms of your universal insurance scheme during its existence according to your financial situation at that time. Either you can expand its coverage on other aspects that you have left out when you had signed for it or you can resize its limits downward. A universal life insurance offers unique adaptability and flexibility to offer you the best insurance scheme for your requirements. If you want your family members to benefit from the advantages it offers, you can expand its coverage to them as well. You can choose a more expensive or a cheaper scheme whenever you want and you can even stop paying the fees for a certain amount of time if you have difficulties for a short while.

The investment company owning the universal insurance company investment portfolio will invest its funds in several financial instruments: bonds, stocks, real estate as well as other secure options. Managing the investment portfolio is complex and it is the job of the investment portfolio management to help reduce the risks and to maximize the profit. A long-term investment portfolio is managed differently from a short-term portfolio and these insurance company portfolios are usually managed through periods, having in mind a clear financial objective and the necessity to reduce risks. There are many cases in which commercial banks manage investment portfolios and they employ financial specialists and financial advisors to achieve their goals.

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