In California, DUI’s used to remain on your driving history for seven years but that has been lately prolonged to ten years. Although a DUI remains in your driving history for ten years now, the length of time a car insurance company would charge you for the violation differ from company to company. The majority of California car insurance companies would charge you for the DUI for duration of three or five years. When your insurance carrier charges for three years, then your rates would drop at the 1st renewal of your policy following the full three years of your DUI has passed. Many companies might tend to charge for a DUI for over five years but that’s uncommon.

The California Department of motor vehicles in addition demands you to maintain liability insurance with an SR22 filing for a period of three years after getting a DUI to be able to possess a California driver’s license. Your driver’s license is immediately suspended after being found guilty of a DUI and the state requires the completion of a DUI program and SR22 Car Insurance before the reinstatement of your license. When you have completed the DUI course and received SR22 Car Insurance, you could take both to the Department of motor vehicles and have your driving privileges reinstated right after paying a $55 reinstatement fee. Once you have done this, try not to let your insurance to lapse (late payment) because your insurance carrier must file an SR26 with the Department of motor vehicles, letting them know your insurance in not active which will lead to the suspension of your driver’s license once again.

When you require an SR22 but do not own an automobile, you will still require an SR22 to get your license back. You can buy a Non-Owners policy with an SR22 filing. A non-owners insurance coverage in a car insurance policy which will protect you while driving any automobile so long as it isn’t registered to you or any person in your household. How Long Will a DUI Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates in California? How Long Will a DUI Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates in California?

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