There are many discounts available to people looking for affordable car insurance. Some of these have to do with the car itself. For example, if your car has a high safety rating and an alarm system, you may qualify for California auto insurance discounts. Other discounts come from your individual conduct. If you are a safe driver, for example, your rates will be lower than someone who has violated traffic laws or caused accidents. Another useful discount you can take advantage of is keeping your grades up. For high school and college students who are generally young, insurance rates can be higher because of the lack of maturity and experience behind the wheel.

Whether you are the student yourself or you have a student on your California auto insurance policy, you will be eager to learn that your good grades can do more for you than simply indicate your academic excellence. This is great news for both parents and students because adolescent drivers sometimes have such costly insurance that it totals more than both parents’ policies combined. With a high enough grade point average, you could save some serious money on your insurance policy. Every semester that a student can keep his or her grades up, the good student discount will continue to be relevant to lowering the cost of the policy.

In general, California auto insurance companies will provide the good student discount to young drivers with a 3.0 GPA or better. This applies to all high school students and all full-time college students attending an accredited university. There are no limits as to how many students on a policy can benefit from the good student discount. This means that parents with more than one child in school could easily save several hundred dollars a year as long as the students maintain good grades each semester.

The average savings permitted to students with good grades is 20% of the cost of their individual insurance. This means that a student with a yearly premium of $1,000 will save $200 annually just by keeping their grades up. If you are not currently benefiting from this discount, but you or your student’s grades are a 3.0 or above, you should get in touch with an agent from your California auto insurance company today. Usually all you need to do to prove good grades is email or fax a copy of a high school or college transcript.

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