With the holidays over with, you’re probably at a stage now where you’re relaxing with your new presents – be it a gadget or a new piece of clothing or jewellery.

However, the period after Christmas is a boom time for crime, and usually sees an increase in burglaries from both homes and vehicles.

Ensuring you’ve got the right home insurance policy is a crucial part of securing your possessions against thieves. And it’s important that you let your insurer know about any expensive purchases or gifts you might have received during the holiday season.

It pays to be careful in this case, as any expensive equipment could potentially cause you to go over your policy excess. It’s worth checking with your insurance company that your new purchases or presents will be covered by your existing policy.

Estimate the combined value of your new items and add this to your existing contents insurance. If you’re in danger of exceeding your policy excess, it can be worth looking into alternative policies or adding a little more to your contents cover. If you’ve managed to accumulate a good track record, consider policies that may offer a no-claims discount, you could save yourself a little bit of useful cash.

Making a list of and taking photographs of your possessions can be a great help, acting as useful evidence when making a claim against your house insurance policy. Be sure to store these photographs in a safe place, preferably in an upstairs room if your area is prone to flooding.

By taking steps to further protect your home, such as installing alarm systems and ensuring your locks and doors are well maintained, you could be eligible for a discount on your policy.
When it comes to paying off the policy, paying off the balance in one payment can be more beneficial to you than monthly payments, as you’re likely to have to pay interest on monthly charges.

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