According to research from a leading price comparison website, claims for damage dome to property rises by 150 per cent on 31st October and people are said to claim more at this time than any other time of the year.

There are many people who pretend to be out or actually go out on this night but although this may deter some trick-or-treaters, it may not be enough to deter them all.

There are some councils that are making posters available that declare you are unwilling to join in the festivities, but arguably this could have the opposite effect.

Advice given to people is to remove any items from outside your house that you do not want damaged as not all house insurance policies cover damage done to your belongings that are outside of your property.

Another thing to watch out for is for any trick-or treating children falling and hurting themselves in your driveway as this could leave you lumbered with a lawsuit. People who own a dog are also warned to keep them under control in-case they were to cause any damage to the people looking for treats at your door.

The best thing to do is to check that your insurance policy covers your home, inside and out for any damage that may be caused. If you find that your home insurance policy doesn