Age is often one of the main factors when calculating a premium for home and contents insurance and there are a number of specialist insurance companies that recognise that people over fifty are less of a risk when it comes to having a home insurance policy. People over 50 are often statistically less likely to make a claim as research suggests that people over fifty are more careful with their possessions.

As well as age being a factor in premium calculation, installing safety and security measures such as burglar alarms, smoke activated sprinkler systems, fire alarms and technology that has been developed to make your home safer are often some of the other factors that help to gain lower discounted premiums. If you are a non-smoker you can sometimes obtain a discount because the risk of fire is reduced.

Senior citizens can often be on a fixed income depending on their retirement funds so getting a good deal on an insurance policy is considered to be more important. People over 50 sometimes start their search for a Home Insurance quote by asking family and friends for any recommendations asking them which company or companies they recommend for an excellent value house insurance policy. There is also an increasing uptake in people searching for a more competitive policy online. This increasing online uptake is expected to continue to rise as more over 50s are using the internet and more people become more price conscious with a number of online insurance aggregators advertising offline to attract new users.

There is a growing amount of niche over 50s insurers providing home and Contents Insurance on the basis that they can offer a better deal as they only deal with low-risk over 50s customers. One of the largest over 50s insurance providers in the UK currently is Saga, there are also many other over 50s related insurance websites and portals that offer over 50s insurance as an affiliated product.

If you are over 50 and searching for home insurance then non-over 50s specialists should not be avoided when looking for a quote. Consider checking other reputable insurers who are renowned to be very competitive according to recent industry research, such as Swift Cover and Kwik-Fit Insurance. Insurers who market themselves as over 50s insurance providers are not always the best value and may not always provide the cheapest premium for your circumstances. Useful tools to use are insurance comparison sites such as Go-compare and Money Supermarket. Such websites are continuously expanding their panel of insurers to increase the chances of finding the most competitive quote. There are also comparison websites emerging that are specialist aggregators for over 50 insurance providers, some of these aggregators do not offer home insurance at present however.

One benefit of being over 50 is usually the older you get the cheaper your insurance premiums tend to get unless you have extenuating circumstances. Making sure you dedicate enough time will allow you to find the best and cheapest premium in the market for your home.

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