There is an Indusian proverb that rainbow colors are beautiful if you are healthy! And it is fact that without health everything is seemed faded and nonromantic. This is very true (and honestly speaking) that private clinics are becoming giants industries where major pool of our income goes for our medication, consultation and expensive medical tests. Every magazines are filled with some bad news of new sorts of diseases and very little good news of their remedies.

Mostly states are providing complete health protection to all citizens but this is also facts that even US or the most pretty rights giver countries have the most expensive private hospitals too, where patients are operated on very much high worth. Most of countries or organizations are also protecting their citizens / employees in their health insurances through group insurances but really it can’t fulfill the actual treatment. So the conclusion comes out that health insurance is necessary same like life insurance or else!

Actually it is type of insurance where the insurer pays the medical bills of the insured person if the insured client becomes sick or has an accident and admitted in hospital. Health insurance is covering a large variety of expenses like, hospital expenses, medical tests bills, consultancy fees of the doctors, operation cost, post-operation expenses and even after discharge from hospital house nurse costs too.

In health insurance mostly following cases are included:

  • Normal or Hazardous illness: Routine illness, like viral diseases and illnesses are covered and in major operations like cordial cases, transplantation of organs is also dealt in this section.
  • Accident surgeries: When insured person has an accident and he / she rushed in hospital then also all medical expenses are billed by insurance company.
  • Dental cases: The most controversial part of health insurance industry because every day the complaints are registered from the insured parties that they (insurance companies) are not protecting in this regard, and they are facing great difficulty. But it is quite suggested to you that before underwriting of your health insurance you must clear this point with your agency.
  • Cancer or Tumor Cases: In condition to that if you have no pre-existing condition of cancer or tumor then health insurance is also covering all expenses during your treatment and operation.

I am suggesting to you as a consultant of insurance info that beside your primary plan, if your pocket let you then you must entertain another plan for your health. Because additional plans which were added in your primary plan like life insurance are not covering your whole expenses. I’ve suggested lot of my clients to do so and they have really taken great benefit as per my advice. So do not let all on your additional sickness plan, but buy another health insurance. Hope that you will remember me in your well wishes.