Up until just ten years ago, the concept of obtaining cheap car insurance for ladies was not something that many people thought of. The prices available for women drivers in the UK were not terribly different from those for male drivers. Today, however, women can enjoy some outstanding motor insurance deals.

As with all purchases, it is best to shop around to find the lowest prices. Unfortunately, women are facing discrimination in many areas of their lives, but one area where this is not the case at all any more is the cost of auto insurance. Insurance premiums for women drivers are lower than what they are for men and for some very obvious reasons. Women tend to drive slower and more carefully and they are much less likely to tailgate while on the highways. Studies have proven that women drivers are generally more attentive to what is happening around them while motoring and take greater precautions while behind the wheel.

Government figures show us that over 90% of convictions for driving violations in the UK involve men. Men also account for 98% of all convictions for perilous driving. While it is true that women have the same amount of accidents as men, the accidents tend to be much less serious. Women can find the best car insurance for ladies by going online and doing a bit of good old fashioned research. With a bit of browsing, you will discover that women can find cheap insurance if they do not modify their vehicles such as adding spoilers or race exhaust systems. Women can also get lower rates if they only drive on occasion.

There are several great websites that can be used for comparing car insurance rates for women. By simply typing in some basic information such as your age, type of vehicle driven, total miles driven each year and driving habits, you will be presented with a table that allows you to compare the current rates for people falling into your particular category. The information includes the different carriers, their policy stipulations, special requirements and so forth.

The car insurance market in the UK is highly competitive. The premiums depend on the insurer, the level of coverage required and how risky you are perceived to be. Keep in mind that fully comprehensive coverage is cheaper than third party policies. It is also best to choose a plan that allows you to pay in full as the interest rates on a monthly plan could quickly spiral out of control. By using a comparison website and a bit of common sense, you should very easily be able to find inexpensive car insurance for ladies.

Women have been, and continue to be, discriminated in the workplace as well as in other areas of society. If you are a woman and you want to take advantage of special rates on car insurance, then you should take time to consider all of the options available to you. It is not often after all that females are at an advantage over their male counterparts – especially when it comes to the male dominated subject of cars!

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