Nearly everyone has a dream to own a fast, sporty and glamorous car- a symbol of wealth and social standing. Car insurance premiums can be particularly expensive for a vehicle with a powerful engine because they tend to cause more serious and expensive accidents.

One aspect that people tend to be confused with is the difference between sports car insurance and modified car insurance. Sports car insurance is notoriously high, but for an obvious reason. Sports cars are more expensive to make and have more power, meaning that the chance of them creating an accident is significantly higher than a smaller car. For anyone under 25, a sports car premium would be very expensive. One way to get a cheaper premium is to maximise security on your vehicle. Park your car in a garage overnight and install a tracking device in case your car ever gets stolen. By showing your insurance company that you are serious about security may lower your premium.

The difference between modified car insurance and sports car insurance is that any modification made shows your insurer that you are deliberately trying to make the engine more powerful, therefore making your car more dangerous. Sports car insurance can be cheaper as parts are more readily available to the top-end brand cars, whereas modified parts are particularly hard to get hold of. To make your premium cheaper on a modified car, it is just as important to be security conscious. Fit a car alarm, and again, park in a garage wherever possible. It is also important not to get the bug for making modifications. Each modification you make will increase your premium, and every change you make should be noted with your insurer.

Sports car insurance and modified car insurance should be compared with what is on the market- don’t commit to the first premium you come across as you are likely to find a cheaper deal if you use an online comparison tool. Collate your insurance quotes to help you make an informed decision about which insurer is best for you.

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