Moving abroad is exciting and daunting at the same time. Leaving behind the familiar, the tried and tested to live and work in a new country is a huge challenge. No matter how long you are planning to live and work abroad, there are many key considerations to be taken care of. Not least medical arrangements. Any one planning such life changing experience needs to sign up to an expat health insurance package.

Expat insurance insurance schemes are designed for both short term and long term stints overseas

Short Term

Short term expat health insurance schemes can run from just 5 days through to 3 years. They tend to be cheaper, but not as all encompassing as their longer term equivalents, which reflects the need of the individual and length of their stay. They’re a great option to cover you in the event of any sickness or injury while you’re overseas. Should anything really serious arise, then these policies cover you for emergency evacuation. This could be the difference between life and death depending on where you are. If you fall seriously ill or are injured, the policy covers you for to be taken to the nearest hospital or medical facility that can treat you.

Long Term

Long term expat insurance is a little different and more comprehensive. Usually the minimum period for coverage is one year. If you’re planning to settle abroad for several years or even permanently, this is the policy for you. You’ll get the same emergency evacuation coverage, but you might want to add in repatriation coverage for added peace of mind. If you fall seriously ill or sustain serious injuries in an accident, you may need to be flown home. Longer term insurance can cover you for any eventuality, such as pregnancy for example.

Either way, don’t even think about starting your adventure abroad without appropriate insurance cover in place.

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