These days, every consumer is trying to make sure they’ve got as tight a handle on their finances as possible. For some this means trimming luxuries, introducing a formal budget, or curtailing spending habits. However, many canny consumers are controlling their costs by more carefully monitoring their regular expenditures – not what they’re buying at the grocery store but their month-to-month bills, especially insurance.

Insurance is a fact of life that all people grapple with at one point or another. Whether shopping for a new car, a new home or considering a career move, insurance is a key factor in determining your costs. There are more insurance provider options today than were available as little as ten years ago, and while this can be confusing for anyone seeking to choose a provider, it also affords a great deal of competitive advantage when shopping for the best rate.

Insurance companies are aware of this competitive edge, and therefore it’s of great importance to them to be able to provide you fast, comprehensive insurance quotes when you’re browsing their site. In order to do so, you’re asked to provide some verification information along with information about your demographics. This can be used to access your public records – and most importantly, your credit report. This factor, more than any other, is what prevents most consumers from seeking out a new insurance provider – the fear that in seeking a better rate they’ll incur a hit to their credit score even if they ultimately decide not to make the switch.

Luckily, these fears are groundless. Credit scores are commonly affected by “hard” credit pulls – which is to say, when a bank or lending institution has received a request to extend credit, whether for a home loan or a credit card, or anything else purchased through borrowing. Insurance quotes take advantage of a “soft” credit pull process – whereby your information and history is gathered, but your formal credit report is in no way altered.

Knowing this, it’s easy to see this is an environment that is ideal for gathering insurance quotes and finding the best deals out there!

About the author

Daisy Adair is the General Manager at offers free insurance quotes for auto, disability, health, life, renters, and many other types of insurance.