If you need to borrow a car for a day or two, you can get daily insurance. This kind of insurance is beneficial for those who need to drive a car for a day or two only. Not many of them would have heard of day insurance. With short term car insurance, you can keep yourself protected against any kind of damages. If you have borrowed your friend’s or relative’s car for a day, you can make use of this insurance cover.

You can get insurance for a period from between 1-28 days. You can be free from any kind of worry if you meet an accident or suffer an injury while travelling. You can also get information looking online. Many people feel getting an insurance cover is difficult. However, this is not true. With appropriate guidance, you can surely get insurance cover for a short duration. This kind of insurance is ideal for short distance travelling.

You can opt for the insurance when:

  • You need a temporary additional driver to allow friends or family to drive your car or van
  • You need temporary car insurance for an additional car or van
  • You need courtesy car insurance for when yours is in for a service or repair
  • You need to test drive insurance for a car or van you are looking to purchase
  • You need to drive away insurance cover for a newly purchased vehicle

1 day insurance is a trend fast catching up with people who need a car for a day or two. There are a wide number of choices available with insurance seekers these days. It is not difficult to get a comprehensive cover for a car. Unlike in the past, when insurance cover was available for a year, now insurance is also available for a day. If a situation arises wherein, you need to borrow a friend’s car to drive, this kind of insurance can come in handy.

The idea of insuring for short term periods has made it easy to insure a vehicle. You also need not pay yearly premiums for insurance policy. This will help reduce the cost and also ensure that you are only covering your vehicle for the time which you are using it. There are a wide number of short term car insurance policies available these days. There may be numerous reasons for you to have an insurance cover. You may need to insure your vehicle to allow for a driver not listed on your existing insurance policy. You can use this kind of insurance for any of the short term needs.

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