Women’s car insurance customers know how to take care of their cars and know how to take care of themselves. Any sign of a runny nose during this year’s hayfever season not only poses a threat to their foundation but also puts them at risk of being involved in a serious road accident.

As the hayfever season gets underway a number of women could be risking the need to claim off their car insurance policies and all because of a sneeze. According the http://www.theaa.com, drivers who sneeze when they’re travelling at 70mph can lose their vision for as much as 100 metres.

But sneezing isn’t the only irritable thing that descends upon female drivers when showing off the driving skills that have credited them with cheap car insurance; there are a number of hayfever symptoms including:

* runny nose
* itchy, watery eyes
* headaches
* loss of concentration
* sore throat and tongue

The majority of these symptoms can be dealt with by using prescribed or over the counter medication; however, such treatment could put female drivers at risk of a road accident for which they may have to claim on their cheap car insurance.

A study carried out by road safety charity Brake http://www.brake.org.uk found that nearly one in six motorists admitted to taking over-the-counter drugs before getting behind the wheel. This shows that a large number of women could be putting themselves at risk from suffering injuries in a car accident because their driving has become impaired from medication.

The chief executive of Brake said, “The Government must do more to make drivers aware that their medication may make them unsafe behind the wheel. There needs to be clear warnings on all prescription and over-the-counter medicine. As we start the hayfever season drivers need to be aware that by taking what seems to be an innocent anti-allergy tablet they could be putting lives at risk. If you think your driving may be impaired as a result of taking medication then the message is simple; don’t risk it.”

The research, which was also carried out by the Green Flag Motoring Assistant http://www.greenflag.com, shows that a number of hayfever sufferers may have to claim on their cheap car insurance after being involved in an accident. A spokesperson for Green Flag added, “We would advise motorists on any medication to avoid driving if they feel drowsy, tired or dizzy. Many medicines, particularly those taken for hayfever and allergies, cause fatigue, and could inhibit a driver’s ability to drive safely in much the same way as drinking alcohol does.”

Here at CoverGirl Car Insurance Services, we spoke to several people who had been involved in near misses after taking medication for their hayfever allergies. Here is what one of them had to say:

“For as along as I can remember I’ve suffered from hayfever, I even had to delay my driving test for about five minutes because I had a bout of sneezes. I decided to take over-the-counter medication to reduce my hayfever symptoms but one day, when I was driving on a country road, I began feeling really tired. I found it difficult to keep my eyes open my car started drifting off the road a little. I pulled over as soon as I found a lay-by. If I hadn’t, I could have easily been involved in a road accident and needed to claim on my woman car insurance.”
Sarah, Hertfordshire

If you know that you’re a hayfever sufferer and you take medication, why risk the danger of having an accident and claiming on your cheap car insurance? If you’re planning a journey try to take medication that doesn’t cause drowsiness or even ask somebody else to drive.

Last but not least, keep a box of tissues handy in your car to prevent a runny nose. You never know who might be parked by your side at the next set of traffic lights!

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