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Are you prepared for the changes in homeowners insurance? Here is how the new Florida law describes your options:

Effective January 1, 2009, any home being insured with Citizens with a value greater than $750,000 located in the “wind-borne debris region” must have opening protection (such as storm shutters or impact resistant windows and doors) that complies with the Florida Building Code. The wind-borne debris region consists of an area where the maximum wind speeds during a hurricane could exceed 120 mph. This includes most of the coastal counties like Collier, Lee, Sarasota, Monroe, Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, etc.

* Do the changes in homeowners insurance present you with more questions than answers?
* How do you obtain a hurricane mitigation report?
* Are lower-cost insurance options available once protection is in place? (Citizens may not be your only option)
* Which is your best option – replacement windows and doors vs. hurricane shutters or screens Check Internet #1 Citizens Home Owners Insurance Florida right now!

You might want to get an initial consultation to help you determine the most suitable protection options for your home based on what works best for your lifestyle and your budget. You can find out how to lower your insurance costs and obtain the required hurricane Mitigation Inspection form.

If your insurance is scheduled to be terminated, you may not want to wait until the end of your grace period. Getting the work done sooner will allow you to begin enjoying lower insurance premiums right away. Not only will you be protected sooner from hurricane winds and wind-borne debris, you will solve any nagging window and door problems and moisture infiltration that can cause structural damage and health problems.

Ask your neighbors for references. You want a contractor who will treat you and your home with respect. Your contractor also needs to be state licensed and insured, including Workers Compensation insurance on employees. Check Internet #1 Citizens Home Owners Insurance Florida right now!

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