Insurance is a field, which is grabbing the attention of every single human being these days. People all over the world are applying for different types of insurance. There is insurance for home to car to health to whole life. There is no part of a human’s life left, of which insurance cannot be claimed. There are various companies, who fulfil the requirement of insurance for the common masses. Insurance schemes are opted by the people, keeping in mind the security elements and the money factor, which is involved in the particular asset. The increasing popularity of the insurance sector has lead to the development of insurance as a separate specialisation for education. The students hailing from the maths background find it very easy to mould themselves according to the demands of the insurance sector.

With the commencement of both public and private insurance agencies in the country, the influence and the demand of the insurance people across the country has increased a lot and people all across the country want to opt for this career. Almost all the biggies of the country are venturing into insurance industry and coming out with separate identities in the insurance sector. Students aiming for the career in insurance needs to be very intelligent and should have a strong maths background. The students need to clear the test organised by the Actuarial Society of India. The test has four stages, which the student has to clear and make himself eligible for practising the profession of insurance. Insurance people are considered very important for the smooth flow of the life circle of a human being.

There are many colleges in India, which provide courses in the field of insurance. These colleges aim to provide the students with all the latest developments related to the insurance industry. The students are motivated to deal with the developing world and so that they can have a better understanding of the prospects around. Marketing forms an important part of the courses related to insurance. So, the students are made to learn the ways, how they can attract more of the customers and generate more business for the company. It takes years for a student to clear the entrance conducted by the Actuarial Society of India. A lot of hard work and thorough preparation is required by the student to have the license in the field of insurance. For practising a profession related to the field of insurance, the candidates are required to grab the licence, which can be achieved after clearing the exam by Actuarial Society of India.

Following is the list of colleges in India, which provide course in insurance:

 Actuarial Society of India, Mumbai

 Birla Institute of Management and Technology, New Delhi

 Amity School of Insurance and Actuarial Science, Noida

 International Institute for Insurance and Finance, Hyderabad;

 National Insurance Academy, Pune;

 Institute of Insurance & Risk Management, Hyderabad

 International School of Actuarial Sciences (ISAS), Hyderabad

 College Of Insurance, Mumbai

 The ICFAI School of Finance and Management, Hyderabad

 Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT, Mumbai

The students opting for insurance as a career can work in the administrative, developmental and insurance departments of organisations. There are many other insurance agencies, which are truly meant for insurance graduates. The students with insurance background can find great openings in the government sector as well, because there are many insurance agencies, which comes under the government surveillance. So, after doing a insurance course, from a reputed college of India, a student can look for a decent career growth in the same line.

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